US Supreme Court Allows Full Enforcement Of Trump's Controversial Travel Ban

| December 5 , 2017 , 09:49 IST

The travel ban announced by US President Donald Trump soon after coming into office met with controversy, several revisions and legal scrutiny, however, the apex court of the nation, the US Supreme Court is now allowing the full enforcement of the travel ban.

The justices of the US Supreme Court on Tuesday morning said that the policy banning granting of US visas to nationals of 6 Muslim-majority nations can take full effect and that legal challenges against it will be dealt with as they make their way through the courts.

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This marks the first time that justices have allowed any of the travel bans to be enforced in its entirety.

The latest version of the travel ban the US President Trump announced in September banned travel to US for citizens from the nations of Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen. Only those persons from the listed nations will be granted visas that have a 'bona fide' relation with someone in the US. Bona fide relations include grandparents, cousins, parents etc.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions called the ruling "a substantial victory for the safety and security of the American people".

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the White House, Hogan Gidley said, "We are not surprised by today's Supreme Court decision," calling it "lawful and essential to protecting our homeland".

The travel ban initially faced flak from the public, as it was termed a 'Muslim-ban', however in the wake of recent terrorist attacks in the US, the travel ban has received more support from the public.