"Nonsense, You Should Know Better," WATCH Obama Slamming Reporter Over Iran Deal

| July 16 , 2015 , 13:15 IST
During a press conference outlining the deal struck by US and Iran over the nuclear deal and reigining in the Islamic republic into the IAEA fold, President Barack Obama on Wednesday scolded a reporter who questioned the deal while Americans languished in Iranian prison. [caption id="attachment_82865" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Barack Obama President Barack Obama answers questions about the Iran nuclear deal during a news conference in the East Room of the White House in Washington, Wednesday, July 15, 2015. The president vigorously defended the nuclear deal with Iran, casting the historic accord as the only possibility to avert a nuclear arms race in the Middle East and reduce the chances of war. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)[/caption] The reporter from CBS, Major Garrett, asked the President, "Can you tell the country, sir, why you are content, with all the fanfare around this deal, to leave the conscious of this nation, the strength of this nation, unaccounted for in relation to these four Americans?" ALSO READ: Iran Nuclear Deal: History In The Making Or Another Faux-Pas? A visibly upset Obama slammed the reporter for suggesting that he is content while American languish in foreign prisons, especially in Iran. He retorted, "Major, that's nonsense. And you should know better," Obama said after a pause, mentioning that he had met with family members who have urged his administration to continue pushing for the Americans’ release. The president suggested that it was untenable for the release of the Americans to be part of the international agreement announced Tuesday that lifts sanctions on Iran in exchange for new limits on its nuclear program. ALSO READ: Iran Nuclear Talks: Obama Fires Salvo To Congress For A Better Deal In 60 Days "If we had walked away from the nuclear deal, we'd still be pushing just as hard to get those folks out," Obama said. Watch the conversation below:

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