US Has Wisely Chosen India As A Strategic Partner, Both Have A Vision For The Future: Rex TIllerson

| October 19 , 2017 , 11:45 IST

Ahead of United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s visit to New Delhi next week, the top US official highlighted the importance of the US and India relations, adding that the two nations share a vision for the future and that the US is the ‘reliable partner' that India needs.

"US and India don't just share affinity for democracy, but have a vision for the future. It is time to double down on a democratic partnership with an India that's still rising, and rising responsibly for the next 100 years. US has chosen wisely in terms of India as a strategic partner. India needs a reliable partner, and the United States is that partner," Tillerson said.

Stressing on the importance of developing the Indo-Pacific region into one of peace and stability, the US Secretary of State said that India and the US need to serve as ‘eastern and western beacons’ so that the region does not become one of disorder, conflict and predatory economics.

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"India has witnessed a number of economic reforms in the recent past. However, it is easy to implement what is needed and sit back. But what needs to be noted is that you're never done, as the world around keeps changing. There is a need to have a better business environment for both domestic and foreign companies to invest in. It is also important to choose your partner wisely," Tillerson said.

"While India is suffering from restricted access to technology, exchange of technologies and ideas between Bengaluru and the Silicon Valley is changing the world," he added.

Tillerson hailed India as an example of a "democratic, diverse and pluralistic" economy amid growing global terrorism, saying that the US and India must enhance multilateral efforts in the fields of maritime domain, cyber security and humanitarian assistance, and increase convergence, thereby offering the Indo-Pacific region an opportunity to expand.

"India has been rising significantly in the recent past, and so has China. However, the manner in which the growth has taken place is different, and our relations with the two countries are also different. India has grown taking into account its neighbors as well,” Tillerson said.

“Defense Secretary Jim Mattis had said the two largest democracies should have the two greatest militaries, and I couldn't agree more. India and the US should be in the business of strengthening others' capacity to protect their sovereignty," he said.