US Democrat Nancy Pelosi Delivers 8 Hour Long Speech Defending Dreamers

| February 8 , 2018 , 15:09 IST

Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday created history by delivering the longest speech in the House.

Pelosi began her speech around 10 am ET and finished her speech around 6:10 pm ET.

In her more than 8 hour long speech Pelosi opposed the budget deal to lift spending caps and avert a government shutdown -- because the plan does not address immigration issues. Her speech focused on the young undocumented immigrants in the United States also known as Dreamers.

Her speech came as Republicans were scrambling to pass legislation to keep the government open. A short-term funding bill expires at midnight Thursday.

Pelosi utilized the magic-minute rule of the House, which permits the majority leader, the minority leader and the House speaker to speak as long as they wish. According to the House historian, she beat a record set by Representative Champ Clark of Missouri, who spoke for 5 hours and 15 minutes in 1909 to protest a tariff overhaul.

The 77 year old democrat delivered her marathon speech standing wearing 4-inch heels and sipping nothing but water.

Twitter erupted with hashtags like #GoNancyGo and #ProtectDREAMers . People also hailed her for standing and delivering her speech with the 4-inch heel.

A member of her team shared her pictures from the media engagement with the caption “more standing to talk to the press.”

Pelosi opposed the spending deal since it doesn't include a permanent solution for undocumented immigrants affected by the DACA program. In her speech Pelosi read-out the testimonies of the Dreamers that were sent to the representatives.

As per reports there are 6.9 lakh young undocumented immigrants protected under DACA and around 1.1 million who despite eligibility did not apply. The DACA program was suspended by President Donald and he gave the Congress six months for a replacement program. The Democrats have been hopeful of using the crucial spending bill to get a legislation that protects the Dreamers.