University Professor Yasir Rizvi Shot Dead In Karachi

| April 30 , 2015 , 18:04 IST
KU Unidentified gunmen on Wednesday killed an assistant professor of the University of Karachi (KU), Syed Wahidur Rahman who is also known as Yasir Rizvi. Rizvi was one of the faculty members at the Mass Communication department of the KU. The teacher was killed in his car when four unidentified gunmen on bikes opened fire on his vehicle. The KU suspended all the curricular activities for two days. The medical inspection team revealed that Rizvi was hit with five bullets. However, the police during the investigation found that the assailants fired eight-round of bullets to kill the professor. Interestingly, the gunmen fled from the crime scene right after killing Rizvi and nobody tried to stop them. Even after a day of the killing, reason behind his death was still not clear. However, a report published in, quoting an anonymous faculty member of the KU said, the professor was not associated with ‘Unsilencing Balochistan Take 3’ which will be held on May 6. Just few weeks back, a human rights activist Sabeen Mahmud was also killed by gunmen after one of the discussion programmes on the same topic- ‘Unsilencing Balochistan Take 2.’ [caption id="attachment_22887" align="aligncenter" width="667"]Mahmud is also known as the women who organised Pakistan's first ever hackathon. Mahmud is also known as the women who organised Pakistan's first ever hackathon.[/caption] Buzz on social media blames that the Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence is allegedly involved in her killing. A report published in revealed that Rizvi had worked as a journalist in past and was a new member of the KU. A report also said his killing is linked to the scheduled Balochistan discussion of KU—“Baloch Missing Persons and the Role of State & Society.” Just eight months back, another professor of the KU, Prof Dr Muhammad Shakeel Auj was also shot dead on streets of Karachi. According to a report of the Centre for Research and Security Studies, 2,029 people were murdered on the streets of Karachi n 2014 which shows the rising graph of criminal activities in one of the most developed and popular cities of Pakistan.