UK Court Denies Bail To Underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim's Aide Jabir Moti

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| September 28 , 2018 , 00:42 IST

A UK Court on Thursday turned down the bail plea of Underworld don Dawood Ibrahim’s aide Jabir Moti for the second time.

Moti was arrested from a London hotel in August. An extradition case on money laundering has been filed against him by the US government. Judge Emma Arbuthnot, Chief Magistrate of London's Westminster Magistrates' Court said that his extradition case will be heard on October 19th. Pakistan government had supported his bail application.

Acccording to media reports, a letter from Pakistani High Commissioner, Sahebzada Ahmed Khan, was submitted to the judge during Moti's ongoing extradition case hearing at Westminster Magistrates' Court in London in support of an application for his bail. The bail was denied and he was directed to appear for the next hearing in the case on 19 October.

According to some media agencies and newspapers, the letter read, that he was a 'well-known and respected businessman' in Pakistan

Who Is Jabir Moti 

According to media reports, Moti holds a 10-year UK visa and is a permanent resident of Hungary. He is also a citizen of Antigua and Dominican Republic. He is 48-years-old and is a resident of Karachi

In 2016, the Indian intelligence has intercepted a call between Moti and one of Ibrahim’s henchmen, Khalique Ahmed, and learnt that the underworld don was cheated by the latter of Rs 40 crore.

Jabir is involved in investment in Dawood's businesses which spans across Pakistan and areas covering the Middle East, the UK and Europe, Africa and countries of South East Asia.