TrumpKimSummit: Donald Trump And Kim Jong Un Hold Historic Talks

| June 12 , 2018 , 09:34 IST

History was made in Singapore on Tuesday as the world witnessed United States President Donald Trump shaking hands with Chairman Kim Jong Un of North Korea. This makes Trump and Kim Jong Un to be the first sitting President of United States of America and North Korean top leader to meet. No sitting US President has ever met his North Korean counterpart or vice-versa.

The historic handshake between Trump and Kim Jong Un took place at the Capella hotel in Singapore’s Sentosa island. This comes after months of diplomatic outreach coupled with U-turns.

"I feel really great. We're going to have a great discussion and will be tremendously successful," Trump said.

Kim Jong Un too appeared optimistic and said, “It was not easy to get here....There were obstacles but we overcame them to be here.”

Kim said that there would be obstacles and challenges ahead but he vowed to work with Trump.

The two leaders had a 40-minute long one-to-one meeting facilitated by translators. As both the leaders came out Kim reportedly told Trump, “I think the entire world is watching this moment. Many people in the world will think of this as a scene from a fiction movie.”

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The two leaders then headed for the bilateral talks. The United States delegation consists of Secretary of State (former CIA chief) Mike Pompeo, National Security Adviser John Bolton, and  White House Chief of Staff John Kelly while the North Korean delegation includes former military intelligence chief Kim Yong Chol, Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho and the Vice Chairman of the Workers’ Party Ri Su Yong.