Trump Threatens Govt Shutdown In September If No Funding For Mexico Border Wall

| April 29 , 2018 , 14:27 IST

US President Donald Trump, even before his election and during his campaigning emphasised the importance of building a massive 'wall' on the border with Mexico.

Now as President, Trump on Saturday threatened to shut down the federal government in September if the US Congress did not provide more funding to build the wall on the Mexico border.

“That wall has started, we have 1.6 billion (dollars),” Trump said at a campaign rally in Michigan.

“We come up again on September 28th and if we don’t get border security we will have no choice, we will close down the country because we need border security,” he said.

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Last month, Trump had signed a $1.3 trillion spending bill which is expected to keep the government funded through the end of September. However, a government shutdown ahead of the November mid-elections will unlikely have the support of his fellow Republicans who are keen to keep control of the US Congress.

Emphasising the importance of the wall, Trump said that hundreds of Central American migrants travelling in a 'caravan' are one of the reasons for strong border security.

“Watch the caravan, watch how sad and terrible it is, including for those people and the crime that they inflict on themselves and that others inflict on them,” said Trump.

“It’s a horrible dangerous journey for them and they come up because they know once they can get here they can walk right into our country,” he said.

Migrants, including women and children fleeing from their homes in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras have said that they had to flee due to death threats from gangs, the murder of family members or political persecution.