Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan Claims Responsibility For Killing Benazir Bhutto

| January 16 , 2018 , 16:24 IST

Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan has claimed responsibility for killing former Pakistani PM Benazir Bhutto. The outlawed outfit published a book that narrates the details of the assassination of the sole female head of the Islamic Nation.

Titled ‘Inqilab Mehsood South Waziristan — From British Raj to American Imperialism’, and published in Urdu, the book written by Taliban leader Abu Mansoor Asim Mufti Noor Wali names two suicide bombers Bilal and Ikramullah who were given the task to eliminate Benazir Bhutto as she addressed an election rally in Rawalpindi on 27 December 2007.

The book adds that Ikramullah escaped from the blast site and is still alive.

“Bomber Bilal first fired at Benazir Bhutto from his pistol and the bullet hit her neck. Then he detonated his explosive jacket and blew himself up among the participants of the procession,” the book claims as reported by Daily Times Pakistan.

Pervez Musharraf’s regime had blamed the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan for the assassination and had released a recording of a conversation between the two Taliban members discussing the assassination. The outfit at that time denied any role in the killing.

The book also claims responsibility for the suicide bombing in Bhutto’s procession in 2007 killing 140 people. Bhutto luckily survived the suicide bombing.

The Assassination:

Following a deal with military dictator Musharraf, Bhutto returned to Pakistan in 2007 ending her self-imposed exile looking forward to leading Pakistan for the third time. Her return was marked by a welcome procession in Karachi with a huge crowd.

The procession was hit by a suicide bomber, killing 140 people and injuring hundreds of other people.

An unfazed Benazir held a rally within two months of the attack in Rawalpindi. After delivering her speech, Benazir entered her vehicle and emerged out again to wave to the sea of supporters. A gun and bomb attack took her out.

Interestingly Benazir’s rally was held at Liaquat Bagh, the spot where Pakistan’s first PM Liaqat Ali Khan was assassinated.

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