Suicide Car Bombing Kills 6 People In Afghanistan

| April 28 , 2018 , 16:12 IST

A suicide car bombing in Nad Ali district of the Helmand province of Afghanistan claimed 6 lives on Saturday. 

"Three civilians and two soldiers were wounded during the attack in Nad Ali district," Omar Zawak, spokesperson for the provincial governor in Helmand said. He said the bomber was a Taliban fighter who took the help of a mini-van to reach the army base.

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No one claimed the responsibility of the attack immediately. The Taliban insurgents declared their annual spring offensive on Wednesday, but they are regularly attacking and battling through the forces.

"According to another report, five people were killed and 15 were wounded in separate attacks in eastern Nangarhar province," said Aattahullah Khogyani, spokesperson for the provincial governor.

"12 people were wounded in Jalalabad the capital of Nangarhar, in which two were traffic police and 10 were civilians," said Khogyani.

In recent years Taliban and the Islamic state is attacking regularly year- around. Taliban have taken over their control in the districts across the country and regularly targeting Kabul, the capital.

The Spring season has brought an increase in the terror attacks and violence in Afghanistan, as it is easy for the insurgents to cross the mountains as snow starts to melt.

The Taliban militant group had on Wednesday formally announced the start of its annual spring offensive, dismissing offers of peace talks by Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani.