Sufficient Evidence to indict Benjamin Netanyahu: Israeli Police

| February 14 , 2018 , 14:11 IST

The Israeli police on Tuesday said it has enough evidence against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of accepting bribes, fraud, and breach of trust.

Netanyahu, currently serving his fourth term as the Prime Minister of Israel is a suspect in two cases referred to as Case 1000 and Case 2000 respectively.

In Case 1000, Netanyahu is accused receiving lavish gifts from top businessmen in return for advancing a tax break in their favour. Netanyahu accepted gifts to the tune of 1 million shekels, most of which were from top billionaire and film producer Arnon Milchan. The Israeli Finance Ministry however had blocked the tax break.

"According to suspicions, the Prime Minister worked to advance the extension of the tax waiver for returning citizens over 10 years, a benefit that has a considerable economic value for Mr. Milchan," a statement from the Israeli Police reads.

In Case 2000, Netanyahu is accused of arranging barter with Arnon Mozes, the promoter of an Israeli newspaper in exchange for favourable coverage. Netanyahu promised to hamper the circulation of a rival newspaper in exchange of favourable coverage from Yedioth Ahronoth that was extremely critical of him.

"In his framework, what was discussed was the assistance of Mr. Mozes to Netanyahu in establishing his stature as Prime Minister through positive coverage in Yedioth Ahronoth that, in return for the Prime Minister assisting Mr. Mozes in advancing economic interests of Yedioth Ahronoth by an initiative to block the strengthening of Israel Hayom," the police statement said.

Along with Netanyahu, Police has recommended bribery indictment against Michan and Arnon Mozes.

The evidences will now be submitted by the Police department to the Attorney General who will decide if the Prime Minister will be indicted.

In a televised statement which went live on Facebook and social media channle, Netanyahu addresed the nation and rubbished all the allegations. 

"I'm sure when the claims are professionally and objectively examined they will be seen as baseless." Netanyahu said. 

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