South Korea Shuts Down Propaganda Broadcast On North Korea Border Ahead Of Summit

| April 23 , 2018 , 11:33 IST

In a positive step ahead of the historic inter-Korea summit on Friday, the South Korean military on Monday switched off its giant loudspeakers blasting propaganda and messages towards North Korea from the border.

"We stopped loudspeaker broadcasts... as of today in order to ease military tension and to create a peaceful climate... ahead of the 2018 inter-Korea summit," Seoul's defence ministry said in a statement.

Despite both North Korea and South Korea agreeing to stop using the loudspeakers in 2015, they are still used off and on. The South has been broadcasting a mix of music, news and direct propaganda messages through the huge speakers along the heavily fortified border, urging North Korean soldiers to defect. The speakers are capable of being heard even 25 km from the border.

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North Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un and South Korea's President Moon Jai-in are scheduled to meet on April 27 in the first meet between the leaders of both the countries in 11 years.

The meet is to take place in the village of Panmunjom on the southern side of the inter-Korean border, and will be soon followed by a meeting between Kim Jong-Un and US President Donald Trump.

Nuclear testing by North Korea in September 2017 resulted in a series of increasingly stringent sanctions by the international community especially by the US to pressure Pyongyang to giving up the nuclear tests.

Last month, after talks between a South Korean delegation and Kim Jong-Un in Pyongyang, Kim had expressed willingness to consider abandoning North Korea's nuclear weapons testing in exchange for US security guarantees.