Saudi Arabia Allows Women To Start Their Business Without Male Approval

| February 19 , 2018 , 14:01 IST

Women in Saudi Arabia will no longer need the permission of a male to start their own business.

Announcing the move Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Commerce and Investment spokesperson Abdul Rahman Al-Hussein tweeted, “No need for a guardian’s permission. Saudi women are free to start their own business freely.” His tweet was accompanied by the hashtag #No_Need.

Allowing women to start their own business without the need of a male approval is another historic step take by the Gulf nation.

The Islamic Nation often criticized for its Paleolithic rules and regulations for women has been trying to change the image for some time now.

Last year King Salman had passed a historic royal decree allowing women to drive. The decree will be implemented in the mid of 2018. Till that happens, Saudi Arabia has the infamous yet unique status of being the only nation to enforce a driving ban on women.

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These steps are part of vision 2030 programme that seeks to elevate women to nearly one-third of the workforce, up from about 22 percent now. As of now Saudi Arabia ranks 136 out of 142 countries in the 2017 World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap index.

A host of other changes have been announced in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which include allowing women to attend football matches in stadiums.