Punish A Muslim Day Leaflets Create Panic In UK, High Level Investigation Ordered

| March 12 , 2018 , 13:14 IST

Leaflets calling for Muslims to be punished, butchered and killed on a particular day were sent to people in six different communities in UK over the weekend. The letter calls for ‘Punish a Muslim day’ in April and says people will be rewarded with points to carry out the attacks. The letter announces 10 points to pull the head-scarf of a Muslim woman, 50 points to throw acid, 250 points to torture using electrocution, 500 points for butchering using a gun or knife, and 1000 points to bomb a mosque.

The leaflets are being investigated by multiple agencies including the Metropolitan Police.

Liberal Democrat Councillor from Bradford Riaz Shah was one of the people who received this letter.

Member of Parliament from Bradford Naz Shah came out with a statement on Facebook stating that the North East Counter Terrorism Unit, which is coordinating the investigation, had informed her that the letters sent to people in different areas appeared to be linked and they were conducting a thorough and proper investigation. She appealed to the people to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the police.

Bromsgrove Member of Parliament Sajid Javid tweeted, “Disturbing reports of Islamophobic letters in the Midlands - let me be clear, British Muslims should be able to live without fear of abuse and attack and we will do everything in our power to tackle those who spread hate.”

West Yorkshire Police came out with an official statement. Assistant Chief Constable Angela Williams of West Yorkshire Police, said, “We are aware of a number of reports of potentially malicious communications having been sent to individuals in West Yorkshire and across the UK. The investigation into these instances is currently being coordinated by the North East Counter Terrorism Unit (NECTU) and these enquiries are ongoing.”

"We are working with the communities we serve to reassure residents that, as always, everything possible is being done to ensure their safety and to catch the person or persons responsible for this. Public safety remains our priority and I would urge our communities to be vigilant but not frightened. If you see anything suspicious please call police on 101 or if it is an emergency, 999."

The statement ended on a positive note saying, "We are stronger when we stand together as one and will not be divided. #WeStandTogether."