Approval Of US President Trump Slides To 35 Percent, Matches Lowest Point Of Presidency

| February 26 , 2018 , 14:09 IST

The election of business magnate Donald Trump to the post of President of the United States in January 2017 came as a surprise worldwide considering that he did not have a political background.

A year and several controversial decisions later, President Donald Trump's public approval rating, according to a CNN poll, has fallen to 35 percent in February 2018, matching the lowest rating of President Trump's tenure which he had previously received in December 2017.

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In January 2018, Trump's rating had been marked at 40 percent, an increase from the December 2017 rating of 35 percent. The January increase in approval for the President had appeared connected to a bullish stock market and strong reviews for the economy.

The fall in approval noted in February 2018, comes in the wake of negative news about the President's White House staff, and gun laws, where Trump gets mostly negative reviews, with 54 percent of the public disapproving of his stand on gun laws.

Apart from the overall low rating of President Trump, February 2018 also marked the lowest rating yet given by Republicans, his own party. Only 80 percent of self-identified Republicans expressed approval of Trump, one point below the previous lowest rating of 81 percent approval in September 2017. Among Democrats, there was approval of only 5 percent for the President, and 35 percent approval from Independents.

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The approval ratings of President Trump also varied on gender and racial grounds. Among women, only 29 percent approved of President Trump in the recent polling, as compared with 42 percent approval from men. Among the majority 'white' community, 42 percent approved, while only 23 percent of non-whites approved.  

President Trump's approval ratings, however, continue to lag behind those of previous presidents measured at the same point of their tenure in office. Former Presidents Jimmy Carter in 1978 and Ronald Reagan in 1982 both had a low mark of 47 percent approval, while former President Barack Obama had an approval rating of 49 percent.