65 People Killed In 3 Days From Heatwave In Pakistan's Karachi

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| May 22 , 2018 , 15:18 IST

At least 65 people have been killed in the past 3 days in Pakistan's city of Karachi due to a heatstroke during the holy fasting month of Ramzan, media reports said on Tuesday. The death toll is likely to rise as the temperatures continue to rise.

On Monday the temperature hit 44 degrees Celsius, at a time when many in the Muslim majority are observing fasting for Ramzan, under which Muslims do not eat or drink anything during the daytime.

Faisal Edhi, who runs the Edhi Foundation morgues in Karachi's Korangi and Sohrab Goth areas said that nearly 114 bodies have been brought in, out of which 65 of the deaths were caused by the heatstroke. Typically, the morgues receive 10-11 bodies per day, which has increased to 30-34 per day.

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According to Faisal, most of the casualties were from residents of Landhi and Korangi areas. He added that most of the heatstroke victims died at their own homes and were between the ages of 6 and 78 years.

"People did not get medical help on time, which resulted in their death," claims Faisal.

However, Sindh Health Secretary Fazlullah Pechuho rejected the reports of deaths due to heat stroke in Karachi.

"Only doctors and hospitals can decide whether the cause of death was heat stroke or not. I categorically reject that people have died due to heatstroke in Karachi," Pechuho said.

Karachi mayor Waseem Akhtar has meanwhile urged residents to stay indoors during the day to avoid heatstroke.