Blow To Nawaz Sharif As Pak SC Bars Him From Holding Any Position In His Party

| February 22 , 2018 , 13:47 IST

In a major development, the Pakistan Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled that a person disqualified under Article 62 and 63 of the Constitution cannot serve as the head of a political party.

The verdict came as a response to more than a dozen Public interest litigations challenging the Elections Act 2017 hushed up by the parliament making way for Nawaz Sharif leading the PML-N after being disqualified from the Prime Ministerial post by the Supreme Court.

This comes as a blow to Nawaz Sharif who now cannot serve as the chief of PML-N now. After being sacked by the SC Sharif managed to grab hold of the party leadership, pushing the Elections Act 2017, allowing disqualified politicians to head parties.

The Apex court went a step further and ordered the reversal of all the decisions he has taken in the role after disqualification.

“All steps taken, orders passed, directions given and documents issued by Respondent No.4 [Nawaz Sharif] as party head after his disqualification on 28.07.2017 are also declared to have never been taken, passed, given or issued in the eyes of the law” the judgement reads.

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The court also directed the Election commission to remove Nawaz Sharif’s name as the President of PML-N from all relevant records.

“The Election Commission of Pakistan is accordingly directed to remove the name of Respondent No.4 (Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif) as president/party head of Respondent No.3 (PML-N from all relevant record(s)," the verdict reads.

This ruling casts a shadow over his party’s fortune in the Senate elections for which tickets were issued by Sharif and are hence nullified. The elections for the Senate seats are scheduled for March 3. The direct effect of this judgement could delay the elections.