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Pakistan Military Has Become More Aggressive Since Imran Khan Became PM: BSF Chief

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| September 29 , 2018 , 08:13 IST

Pakistan's new prime minister cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan soon after coming to power expressed interest in resuming peace talks with India, however, BSF Director General KK Sharma on Friday said that Pakistani military had become "more aggressive" since Imran Khan became PM.

In reference to the brutal killing of BSF Head Constable Narender Singh on September 18 along the International Border (IB) in Ramgarh sector of Jammu and Kashmir, General Sharma, "This happened after Imran Khan took over as Prime Minister."

The BSF chief also specified that the killing was an operation by Pakistan's Border Action Team (BAT), which are trained in guerrilla tactics.

"Nothing has changed on the border. Now we are witnessing BAT action on the International Border which never happened earlier. Generally BAT action happens at the LoC. There is more aggressive stance from the other side compared to the past," General Sharma said.

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"We are taking precautions to avoid such incidents," he added.

"Generally, whenever our troops do these exercise, the other side objects and fire a few shots in the air. We used to withdraw, talk to them and the exercise would re-commence. In this case, when the fire came, our personnel made a tactical retreat," General Sharma said.

"Then they realised that one of their men had been left behind. They went back to examine and found the helmet and a cap. And also found some signs of a person being dragged to the other side. We could not cross over. Then the counterparts took quite some time to get in touch with us", he said.

"They allowed us to search the area on the other part. And our party found the body. The feet were tied. There were three bullet wounds on the chest and there was a slit mark on the throat," General Sharma added.

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"The moment this incident took place, we noticed that the other side simply vanished. They have also got their villages vacated," the BSF chief said, adding that since the incident, there had been no firing.

He added that the BSF always gave a very tough and befitting reply.

"We will do the same again. But in this case it was very important for us to retrieve the body first and then think of something else. In the near future we will do something," General Sharma said.

The BSF Chief said that there were many training camps and launch pads along the border where hundreds of terrorists were present.

"We know it is Pakistan's policy to push terrorists into India," he said.


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This is basically Muslim mentality. Brutality and not an iota of humanity. Only way that can be crushed for some time is to respond with 100X. Then again be ready for the next incident.

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