Pakistan Launches 2 Satellites Via China, Including Remote Sensing Satellite To Keep Eye On India

| July 10 , 2018 , 14:21 IST

Relations between India and Pakistan continue to remain strained, in the wake of which Pakistan had 2 satellites launched by China on Monday, which, according to scientists, will help Pakistan keep watch on India.

From the 2 satellites launched, the PRSS-1 is a remote sensing satellite built by China, while the second is the PakTES-1A, Pakistan's indigenously developed scientific experiment satellite. The two satellites were successfully launched on Monday morning on Chinese rocket Long March-2C from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China.

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The remote-sensing PRSS-1 satellite is capable of carrying out day and night monitoring even in clouded conditions. The satellite will reportedly be used for land and resources surveying, monitoring of natural disasters, agriculture research, urban construction and to provide remote sensing information for China's "Belt and Road" mega-project.

According to scientists, the satellite would also help Pakistan keep watch on India. The PRSS-1 is the first optical remote sensing satellite that China has sold to Pakistan. 

The recent launch of the 2 satellites marks another space cooperation between China and Pakistan. Previously, in August 2011 China had launched another Pakistani satellite, the PAKSAT-1R  communication satellite.

While Pakistan has 5 satellites in space, India has 43. Pakistan's space programme has been hampered by lack of heavy duty launchers and satellite fabrication facilities, resulting in it turning to its number one ally China for recent space launches.