Pakistan: Four Counts Of Death Penalty For Zainab’s Rape And Murder

| February 17 , 2018 , 18:44 IST

An anti-terrorism court in Pakistan on Saturday found the accused Imran Ali guilty of raping and murdering seven years old Zainab in Kasur and awarded him four counts of death penalty.

The verdict, which was announced at Lahore’s Central Jail, also added one life term, a 7-year jail term and Rs 3.2 million in fine.

Among the punishments, the four death penalties were for kidnapping, raping and murdering Zainab, and for committing an act of terrorism punishable under Section 7 of the Anti Terrorism Act.

The life sentence and Rs 1 million fine was slapped for committing an "unnatural act".

The 7-year jail sentence and Rs 1 million fine were imposed for concealing the body in a trash heap.

The family of the victim will be given an additional 1 million rupees, which will be recovered, from the convict Ali.

“I want him to be hanged publicly at the place where he took Zainab,” Zainab’s mother demanded.

The serial killer Imran Ali will be tried in seven other cases where he attacked children. Ali has reportedly confessed to all the eight attacks.

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Zainab went missing on January 4 in Kasur, Punjab. Her body was found in a trash heap five days later. Preliminary post-mortem report suggested that the girl was raped multiple times before being strangled to death.

Her case was the twelfth such incident to occur within a 10-kilometre radius in the city over a 12-month period. Two people were killed after riots broke out in Kasur.

Angered at the fact that the culprit was not brought to justice, people went rampaging around the city, demanding that the culprits be immediately located and locked up. Two people were killed by gunshot wounds as angry protesters clashed with police, two others sustained bullet injuries.