Ahead Of Pak Visit, Rex Tilerson Says, Our Relationship With Pakistan Will Be Conditions-Based

| October 24 , 2017 , 16:47 IST

At the international forum, Pakistan has been criticised for providing a 'safe-haven' to terrorists, and the US administration led by US President Donald Trump has pushed for a stronger role of Pakistan in decimating the terror havens, adding that the relationship between US and Pakistan will be conditions-based.

US Secretary of State Rex Tilerson, ahead of his visit to Islamabad on Tuesday highlighted that the US has made some "very specific requests" to Pakistan to take action to "undermine the support that the Taliban receives and other terrorist organisations receive in Pakistan" and that their relationship with Islamabad would be 'conditions-based'.

"We have made some very specific requests of Pakistan in order for them to take action to undermine the support that the Taliban receives and the other terrorist organisations receive in Pakistan," said Tilerson.

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"And we've said in this whole strategy this is a conditions-based approach, and so our relationship with Pakistan will also be conditions-based. It will be based upon whether they take action that we feel is necessary to move the process forward of both creating the opportunity for reconciliation and peace in Afghanistan, but also ensuring a stable future Pakistan," he said.

"I think the US has made it clear in terms of our support for Afghanistan, support for a sovereign, unified, and democratic Afghanistan, charting a path to peace, prosperity, and self-reliance. It is imperative at the end that we are denying safe haven to any terrorist organizations or any extremists to any part of this – the world," said Tilerson.

The US Secretary of State said that the US wants to work with regional partners to ensure that the strategy is a regional effort so that there are no threats in the region.

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"So we're demanding others also deny safe haven to terrorists anywhere in the region. We are working closely with Pakistan in that regard as well," said Tilerson.

He also highlighted the role of India that US envisions, involving greater participation of India as a strategic partner across the Indo-Pacific region.

"Our view of the relationship with India is one that's of strategic importance not just for this specific region, but in the context of that speech it was about a free and open Indo-Pacific region stretching all the way to - from Japan to India," Tillerson said. "So it's a broader relationship."