Nurse In Japan Admits To Slowly Poisoning 20 Patients To Die After Her Shift

| July 12 , 2018 , 14:51 IST

A 31-year-old former nurse in Japan, identified as Ayumi Kuboki, has admitted to slowly poisoning at least 20 patients so that they would succumb and die after the end of her shift, media reported on Wednesday.

Kuboki was arrested recently for allegedly murdering an 88-year-old patient, Sozo Nishikawa, who died on September 18, 2016 at a hospital in Yokohama, south of Tokyo where 3 other patients had also died under suspicious circumstances, police said.  

Nishikawa had been found poisoned with an antiseptic surfactant compound injected into his intravenous drip bag. Kuboki was the only one among those examined whose uniform carried traces of benzalkonium chloride and was taken into custody.

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Kuboki admitted to killing Nishikawa and confessed to injecting disinfectant into the intravenous drip bags of at least 20 others, administering it in a manner that the deaths would take place after the end of her shift as she dreaded having to deal with grieving relatives.

According to sources quoted by The Japan Times, Kuboki told investigators that when a patient dies, the nurse on duty at the time has to explain the details to the patient's family and she found the process bothersome.

While Kuboki claimed she killed only 20 others, hospital records show that in 2016, from July to September, a total of 48 patients died suspiciously at the hospital, with 5 deaths taking place in a single day in late August. It was later revealed that the suspicious deaths began months after Kuboki joined the hospital in 2015.

In her defence, Kuboki said she would only target those patients who were already grievously ill.