North Korea's Kim Jong-Un Makes 3rd Visit To China, First Visit After Singapore Summit

| June 19 , 2018 , 12:06 IST

North Korea's Kim Jong-Un on Tuesday is on his third visit to China, the 2-day visit marking the first trip to Beijing for Kim after the historic Singapore Summit with US President Donald Trump on June 12.

China state media confirmed the reports of the visit of North Korea's leader, amidst high security at the Beijing airport with a motorcade including sedans, minibuses, motorcycles and a stretch limo being spotted leaving the airport.

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According to reports, Kim would likely discuss with Chinese leaders his next steps after committing to denuclearisation in the Singapore Summit. China would also reportedly seek ways to ensure that Beijing is included in any peace treaty talks and for creating an environment on the Korean peninsula that would make it unnecessary for US troops to remain.

The visit, taking place soon after the Singapore Summit is one way for China to highlight its own crucial role in the US efforts to denuclearise North Korea, as the US has long looked to China to use its influence to bring the reclusive North Korea to negotiations. Kim had visited China before committing to the meet with the US President as well.

For years, Kim Jong-Un has been diplomatically isolated and made his first foreign official trip as leader of North Korea to China in March to meet with President Xi Jinping in Beijing. China has served as North Korea's main ally and key source of trade and economic assistance.

Meanwhile, relations between the US and China are strained in the midst of a growing trade war between the two economic giants.