North Korea To Move Its Clocks Forward By 30 Minutes To Synchronise With South

| April 30 , 2018 , 16:00 IST
In an interesting development, North Korean Supremo Kim Jong Un has announced that he would move the clocks in North Korea ahead by 30 minutes in order to synchronise them with the time in South Korea. This would be part of his conciliatory gesture after a successful inter-Korean summit.
The two nations used to have the same time zone until 2015 when North decided to change its time zone and went 30 minutes behind South Korea. At that time North Korea had said that they were returning North Korea to its original time zone, which existed before the Japanese occupation of Korea.
With this move, North Korea, South Korea, and Japan will together come in the same time zone, 9 hours ahead of GMT.
During the summit held at the demilitarized village of Panmunjom, Kim Jong Un was pained by the sight of two walls clocks with different times hanging at the summit venue.
“He found it heartbreaking”, Kim Jong’s spokesperson Yoon Young-chan said. “Since we were the ones who made the change from the standard time, we will go back to the original time. You can announce it publicly,” Yoon quoted Kim as saying.
On its part, South Korea announced that it would remove loudspeakers from across the border used to blare propaganda.
After the success of the inter-Korea summit, Kim Jong-un is slated to meet United States President Donald Trump for a similar summit and has put all its nuclear activities in abeyance.