Nobel Prize 2018: James P Allison & Tasuku Honjo Awarded In Medicine For Cancer Breakthrough

| October 1 , 2018 , 17:56 IST

James P Allison of the MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA, and Tasuku Honjo from the Kyoto University, Japan, have been awarded the Nobel prize for Physiology or Medicine on Monday “for their discovery of cancer therapy by inhibition of negative immune regulation.”

The Nobel Prize committee in a press statement said, “Immune checkpoint therapy has revolutionized cancer treatment and has fundamentally changed the way we view how cancer can be managed.''

“Cancer kills millions of people every year and is one of humanity’s greatest health challenges. By stimulating the ability of our immune system to attack tumour cells, this year’s Nobel Prize laureates have established an entirely new principle for cancer therapy,” the statement read further.

Allison and Honjo pioneered a technique called immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy, which targets proteins released by the body's immune system that can prevent it from killing cancer cells.

After the announcement of the winners, the supporters and well wishers started to celebrate the victory. 

In the video it is Tasuku Honjo talking about his research at the 2016 Kyoto prize in basic sciences:

Here’s James Allison talking about his work, which unleashes the power of the immune system on cancer.

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Sameen Ahmed Khan

James Patrick Allison was the recipient of the "2018 King Faisal International Prize for Medicine", 2018 King Faisal International Prize for Science and Medicine, Current Science, 114(10), 2014 (2018). Sameen Ahmed KHAN Dhofar University Salalah Sultanate of OMAN