Due To Insufficient Human Resources, Nepal To Deploy Drones To Oversee India-Nepal Border

| April 3 , 2018 , 12:58 IST

Nepal Home minister Ram Bahadur Thapar on Monday announced, that the government has decided to deploy drones to patrol the border with India. This move comes amid of border security issues that the county has been facing for a while and insufficient human resources.

Unveiling the Home Ministry's 82-point reform plan, he said, "We need to change the present guidelines on the use of drones and it was now essential to use drones at Nepal-India border for patrolling."  

He stated that India has deployed border security posts at every kilometre but "we have hardly stationed one in every 25 km. Hence, we will use drones to address the challenges we are facing at the border".

Thapa added, "We do not have sufficient human resources to address this problem. Therefore, we will now use drones."

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Nepal and India share an approximately 18,000 km joint border which is open and can be crossed without a visa.

Vowing more stringent vigilance at the borders, Thapa said a new immigration policy will be introduced and movement of foreigners monitored.

Thapa also announced setting up 10 more border outposts along India and China borders but did not share details about the number of each. 

Nepal is facing several threats at the border, including human trafficking and smuggling, while India has been raising similar complaints with Nepal.

Thapa also said, "The government will make necessary amendments in the regulations concerning flying of drone as per the changing time and situation and implement them," according to the 82- point programmes announced by the ministry. Until now, Nepal government doesn't allow flying of drones on its territory.

He added that the government is planning to set up warehouse facilities in all 7 provinces across the country for storing essential goods so that it can be used at the time disaster management.