Nepal Rescue: 15-Year Old Saved After 120 Hours Under Debris

| April 30 , 2015 , 10:35 IST
In what may be another miracle in earthquake devastated Nepal, rescuers have saved a 15-year-old boy trapped under debris in Kathmandu. Rescue team workers heard his voice coming under the debris on Thursday. The boy has been trapped inside for almost 5 days. After a few hours of operations, Pemba was rescued. He was taken immediately to the hospital. His condition is said to be stable. According to the information received by Focus News, the 15-year-old boy Pemba used to work in a hotel. The hotel was based in the building under whose debris Pemba was trapped. Rescue workers established a line of communication with the boy. He communicated to the rescuers that he was in a good condition and in no immediate danger. Pemba was provided with water and oxygen. The death toll in Nepal earthquake has crossed 6000, but stories of miraculous survivals have kept hope alive. A four-month-old baby was pulled out alive by rescue workers from the rubble of a collapsed building in Bhaktapur town, at least 22 hours after the devastating temblor that struck Nepal, on Wednesday. Read: 4-Month-Old Baby Rescued Alive From Debris Another man Rishi Kanal was rescued from a Kathmandu hotel after 82 hours. He survived drinking his urine. Read: Man Rescued After 82 Hours Drank Urine To Survive Hundreds of people are still trapped under tonnes of debris in the Kathmandu Valley and the worst-affected remote mountainous areas, as rescue workers are desperately searching for survivors of the Saturday’s 7.9-magnitude earthquake. Read: Toll crosses 6000, Nepal PM Faces Ire Of People