Mother Of Two Abandons Her Children To Join ISIS In Syria

| May 26 , 2015 , 13:27 IST


A mother of two from Sydney, Australia abandons her children to join the Islamic State in Syria, media reports stated on Tuesday.

According to sources, it is alleged that convert to Islam, Jasmina Milovanov, left her two children, aged five and seven, with a nanny before fleeing to Syria to marry an IS fighter, Xinhua news agency reported.

Australia's Minister for Counter-Terrorism Michael Keenan said anyone involving themselves in conflicts in the Middle East would face prosecution upon return.

"Any Australian who involves themselves in this conflict in any way is of great concern to the Australian government," Keenan said.

"Clearly, we are monitoring that situation," he said in the light of reports of a 23-year-old Brisbane man claimed to be fighting against IS with the Kurdish People's Protection Unit.

It is said that Zehra Duman, wife of an Australian man, Mahmoud Abdullatif, who is believed to have died while fighting for IS, recruited Milovanov via social media.