Military Confrontation Will Result In Humiliating Defeat For Trump, US: North Korean Media

| December 15 , 2017 , 11:29 IST

Exchanging frequent threats of military confrontation, US President Donald Trump and supreme leader of North Korea Kim Jong-Un have often locked horns, as the US attempts to reign in North Korea from advancing its nuclear arsenal and intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Despite the US being a major global superpower, a nuclear-armed nation and having the strongest defence forces in the world, North Korea has continued with its threats of attacking the continental US with ballistic missiles and even professed that it would win in a military confrontation with the superpower.

The North Korean state-run newspaper Minju Choson, which is published by the country's cabinet, wrote in a commentary that the fate of America lies in the hand of its supreme leader, Kim Jong-Un.

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Alleging Trump of having ignorance about North Korea, the report says that US tactics of nuclear blackmail and threat will no longer work "whether the US likes or not and wants or not", and that "the status of the standoff between the DPRK and US has come under the control of the faith and will of the North Korea which is holding the initiative."

The report continues, claiming that North Korea has always emerged victorious, and in a military confrontation with the US, again North Korea would be victorious.

"If the Americans try to annoy this valorous spirit, they will be forced to go for military confrontation which will ultimately result in victory and glory for North Korea and humiliating defeat for Trump and the US," said the report.

"The Trump group is attempting to seek a way out by pursuing a policy of military confrontation. This is nothing but a deathbed struggle by those alarmed by the might of North Korea," it said.

Following recent reports that North Korea is working on biological weapons using genetic engineering, world leaders have come together to encourage diplomacy, dialogues and sanctions to solve the tensions with North Korea instead of a military confrontation.

The problems with North Korea amplified as it recklessly pursued its nuclear development programme.