Maldives' Political Crisis: Apex Court Seeks President Abdulla Yameen's Impeachment

| February 4 , 2018 , 17:43 IST

Under the roof of the ongoing political crisis in the Maldives, the Supreme Court is trying to impeach President Abdulla Yameen, suggests media reports. The attorney general said on Sunday that the SC is taking this move because PM has not obeyed the order of SC to release opposition leaders arrested after unfair trials.

Attorney-General Mohamed Anil also asked all national bodies and defence units to disregard any Supreme Court ruling on impeaching Yameen.

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Anil told the reporters that, "We have received information that things might happen that will lead to a national security crisis."

He added, "The information says that the Supreme Court might issue a ruling to impeach or remove the president from power. State institutions have also received this information. Any institution of the state has no authority to exercise a power not afforded to them under the constitution.

Anil further said, "I have told them that in such a situation, law enforcement agencies should not obey a ruling in contravention of the constitution."

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Last week the Supreme Court dismissed cases against nine people, including former President Mohamed Nasheed, the country's first democratically elected leader, who now lives in exile in Britain and has been campaigning to have his political rights restored.

Maldives became a multiparty democracy 10 years ago after decades of autocratic rule by the current president's half-brother, strongman