London Teen Becomes UK's Youngest Convicted Female ISIS Terrorist

| June 5 , 2018 , 15:24 IST

The seductive charm of the Islamic State (ISIS) militant group has drawn to it people of all ages from across the globe, but an 18-year-old woman on Tuesday became Britain's youngest convicted female Islamic State terrorist. A court found her guilty of plotting a gun and grenade terror attack at the iconic British Museum of London when she was 17-years-old.

The 18-year-old, Safaa Boular, was accused of planning to join ISIS militants in Syria and later carry out a terrorist attack in London after the death of her fiance who was an Islamic State fighter. The jury found Safaa guilty of two offences of preparation of terrorism acts, and for an earlier attempt to travel to Syria for terrorism. The sentencing would take place in 6 weeks.

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Rizlaine Boular, the 22-year-old sister of Safaa has already admitted to planning a knife attack in London and their mother Mina Dich, 44, pleaded guilty to assisting her. The trio would discuss their plans using code code-language based on children's tale 'Alice in Wonderland' with Rizlaine's code name being 'Mad Hatter' and a terror attack being referred to as a 'tea party'.

Safaa was reportedly radicalised online at the age of 16 in the wake of the Paris terror attacks in 2015. She met Naweed Hussain, an ISIS fighter on Instagram and after 3 months of chatting with him declared her love for him with an online marriage ceremony. Safaa planned to join Hussain in Syria, but the plan was thwarted when British Security Services confiscated her passport.

A security services officer posing as a commander of the ISIS told Boular on April 4, 2017, that Hussain had been killed in a drone attack, further strengthening her determination to carry out an attack in the UK.  

Safaa, Rizlaine and their mother were arrested on April 27, the date of the planned attack, along with a friend Khawla Barghouthi.