11 Killed, 7 Injured After Tourist Boat Capsizes In US's Missouri

| July 20 , 2018 , 13:14 IST

At least 11 people, including children, have been killed, and 7 others injured after a boat carrying tourists on a lake in the US state of Missouri capsized and sank on Thursday night, local Stone Country Sheriff Doug Rader said.

The injured include 4 adults and 3 children and were taken to a local hospital, where 2 adults are said to be in critical condition.

The boat involved in the incident was a duck boat, which are known for their ability for travel on land and in water, but are also notorious for their involvement in accidents.

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After the boat capsized on Thursday night, an off-duty sheriff’s deputy working as security for the boat company helped in the rescue attempt. Dive teams from multiple law enforcement agencies were also called in to assist in the effort.

Sheriff Radar said that the stormy weather was believed to have been the cause of the boat's capsizing.

National Weather Service meteorologist Steve Lindenberg from Springfield, Missouri, said that the agency had issued a severe thunderstorm warning for the area for Thursday evening, when the incident took place.

Suzanne Smagala from Ripley Entertainment, the firm that owns the Ride the Ducks whose duck boat capsized said that the incident was the tour's first accident in more than 40 years of operation.

"We are deeply saddened by the tragic accident that occurred this evening. ... This incident has deeply affected all of us. We will continue to do all we can to assist the families who were involved and the authorities as they continue with the search and rescue. The safety of our guests and employees is our number one priority," the company said in a statement.

Duck boats were originally used by the US military during World War II to transport troops and supplies and were later on modified to use as sightseeing vehicles.