14 Killed In A Suicide Attack On Religious Scholars Gathering In Kabul

| June 4 , 2018 , 17:38 IST

At least 14 people were killed and several injured in a suicide attack in Kabul on Monday. The attack took place near a gathering of religious scholars at Loya Jirga. The attack was carried out just after the scholars issued a fatwa against the ongoing war in Afghanistan and called for peace talks to end the ongoing war. Those killed include 7 religious scholars and 4 security personnel. Three people are yet to be identified.

As per local Tolo News, the fatwa read, “War in its all types is forbidden under the Islamic and Sharia law and it is nothing but shedding the blood of Muslims.”

“Suicide attacks, explosions for killing people, division, insurgency, different types of corruption, robbery, kidnapping and any type of violence are counted as big sins in Islam and are against the order of the Almighty Allah,” the Fatwa added.

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While Taliban was seen as the initial suspect, they have officially denied any involvement in the act as per local media reports.

Around 2500 Islamic scholars from across Afghanistan had gathered in Kabul to issue the fatwa.

Condemning the attack, Afghanistan’s Chief Executive Dr Abdullah said, “I condemn today's terrorist attack in Kabul. Terrorists today killed innocent Muslims at a time when thousands of Ullemas were asking them to stop the bloodshed and work for peace. Today's attack once again proved that terrorists have zero respect for Islamic and human values.”