Japanese City Official Fined For Going On Lunch Break 3 Minutes Early

| June 23 , 2018 , 15:10 IST

A 64 years old Japanese city official in Kobe City has been fined half a day’s pay for reportedly leaving his desk three minutes early. The person has not been identified yet. The man left his desk to buy a takeaway bento lunchbox, three minutes before his break commenced. He did this 26 times in the last seven months.

As per CNN, the person works in the waterworks bureau in Kobe city. Last week officials of the waterworks bureau gave a televised press conference apologizing for the actions of the employee. The employee has been given a warning and his half-day pay was deducted as a punishment.

Officials at the Waterworks bureau said the worker was in violation of a public service law stating that officials have to concentrate on their jobs.

"It is very regrettable that such misconduct took place, we deeply apologize for it," the officials said at the press conference before bowing in front of the cameras to apologise.

Japan has been infamous for controversial labour laws and burden of extra work hours on its working population. Several incidences of ‘karoshi’ i.e death by overwork has surfaced in the last few years triggering a massive debate on the work culture. However, this has not changed anything on the policy front with Abe administration attempting to bring controversial labour laws that exclude certain professionals from overtime and work-hour limits.