Iran Plane Crash Kills All 66 Aboard After Going Off-Radar

| February 18 , 2018 , 14:37 IST

All 66 people on board an Iranian passenger plane were killed on Sunday when the plane crashed into a mountain range in central Iran. The Aseman Airlines plane had been flying from Iran's capital Tehran to Yasuj when it vanished from radar around 20 minutes after its take-off.

According to local media, witnesses said that it appeared that the plane was attempting an emergency landing on a field before it crashed in the Dena mountain range.

A total of 60 passengers and 6 crew members were onboard the ATR 72 twin-engine turboprop plane when it crashed. The same plane had reportedly suffered from a technical fault earlier this month.

The plane departed from the Mehrabad Airport in Tehran around 5:50 AM local time on a 2-hour journey, but when it disappeared from radar screens after 20 minutes, a search was launched.

Although a crash site was spotted near Semirom in Isfahan province, a helicopter carrying rescuers was not able to land immediately due to bad weather. Due to the remote location of the crash site, obscured by dense fog and located on mountainous terrain, ambulances and help could not be sent via land, and had to be sent by helicopter only.

Aseman Airlines, based in Tehran is the third largest air carrier of Iran and the plane involved in the crash was around 20 years old but was being flown by an experienced pilot.

The crash marks the second air disaster in the history of the Aseman Airlines, after one of its planes flying from Isfahan to Tehran In October 1994 suffered from engine failure in both of its engines, resulting in the crash of the plane, and death of all 59 passengers and 7 crew members.