As A Responsible Nuclear Power, India Can Help US Keep An Eye On Pakistan: Nikki Haley

| October 18 , 2017 , 10:47 IST

US ambassador to the UN, Indian-origin Nikki Haley highlighted the role that India, which she termed as a 'responsible nuclear power' can play as US President Donald Trump tightens the noose on Pakistan providing safe havens to terrorists.

Addressing an event conducted by the US India Friendship Council, Haley said that President Trump has taken a "tougher approach to Pakistan harboring terrorists" and that India can help the US keep an eye on Pakistan.

Haley added that one of the pillars of Trump's new strategy for combating terrorism in Afghanistan and South Asia is the development of America's strategic partnership with India.

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"America's overriding interest in Afghanistan and throughout South Asia are to eliminate terrorist safe havens that threaten us. And to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of terrorists, we will use all the elements of our national power, economic, diplomatic and military to pursue these goals," Haley said.

"Pakistan has been a partner to the US at times. We value and respect that. But, we cannot tolerate this government or any other government giving safe haven to terrorists who target Americans. This new approach will require understanding and restraint from both Pakistan and India," she said.

"We are really going to need India's help in Afghanistan. They are the good neighbours and partner that we have in the region," Haley continued.

"So, having them help not only with infrastructure and the aide that they can give towards rebuilding Afghanistan, (They can) also help us to keep an eye on Pakistan," she said.

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"That is going to be really important in making sure that we hold them accountable because we are at a point where we kind of laid the groundwork that we need to see better partnership from Pakistan. We can't continue to see them harboring the terrorists. We have to see something change. India is going to witnessing that. India is going to help us with that," Haley said.

Apart from Pakistan and North Korea, the Trump administration is also taking a tougher approach towards Iran, to ensure that the nation never gets a nuclear weapon.

"It would be catastrophic for the safety of Americans and the world if Iran became a nuclear power. But India is a nuclear power and nobody gives it a second thought. Why," she asked.

"Because India is a democracy that threatens no one," Haley said, adding that India is a responsible nuclear power.