Veiled Threat? If North Korean Leader Kim Jong Vanishes, Don`t Ask Us: CIA Chief

| October 20 , 2017 , 12:59 IST

As tensions continue to increase between North Korea and the US, with North Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un threatening a nuclear attack on the US mainland, the US CIA chief has said that if Kim Jong-Un should suddenly 'vanish' they should not be asked about it.

The United States' elite Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the past has had a history of being involved in plots and attempts to overthrow or simply have 'disappear' leaders of countries like Iran, Cuba, Congo, Vietnam and Chile.

According to the CIA, Kim Jong-Un is a 'rational actor' who is focused on staying in power and 'waking up in his own bed' each day.

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"With respect to, if Kim Jong-Un should vanish, given the history of the CIA, I`m just not going to talk about it," CIA director Mike Pompeo said on Thursday.

"Someone might think there was a coincidence. `You know, there was an accident.` It`s just not fruitful," he said.

Addressing national security officials during a forum held by the Foundation for Defence of Democracies, Pompeo emphasised that the US policy was to "diplomatically and economically challenge the North Korean regime" so as to force Kim to retract his nuclear threat on the US.

"Kim Jong-Un`s mission is just to stay in power," he said.

Pompeo, who became the director of the CIA in January said that he was revitalising the agency's field missions, adding that "We are going to become a much more vicious agency."

Earlier this year, North Korea had alleged that the CIA and South Korean intelligence had tried to kill Kim Jong-Un, but did not provide any proof.