Gaza Fires 45 Rockets At Israel, IDF Retaliates By Striking 25 Hamas Targets

| June 20 , 2018 , 15:12 IST

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on Wednesday attacked the Gaza strip, targeting a total of 25 Hamas targets, in retaliation for the approximately 45 rockets fired from Gaza towards Israel overnight between Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Israeli military said that 45 rockets and mortar shells were fired on their territory, out of which its Iron Dome anti-missile shield was able to intercept 7 rockets.

The rocket firing from Gaza took place in response to the Israeli Air Force striking 9 targets in Gaza on Sunday night, in response to 'explosive kites and balloons' directed towards southern Israel. No Israeli casualties were reported, while residents said that 2 Hamas security personnel were slightly hurt.

The exchange marks one of the most intense recent barrages of rocket fire and air strikes between Israel and Gaza. Tensions have heated up between Israel and the Palestinians with Israel carrying out air raids in the Gaza strip over the past few weeks, allegedly in retaliation for Palestinians setting fire to Israeli land.

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Since March, Palestinians have reportedly been used balloons and kites to send homemade explosive devices into Israel, many of them targeting farmlands close to the Gaza border, causing a number of fires across southern Israel.

More than 130 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces during the protests along the border with Gaza. Around 2 million people live in Gaza, most of the residents being stateless descendants of refugees from what is now Israel. Hamas has been controlling the Gaza territory for more than a decade, during which it has fought 3 wars with neighbouring Israel.