Facing 'Inaction' From Pakistan On Terror Havens, US Reaches Out To China

| January 7 , 2018 , 09:03 IST

The United States has been increasing pressure on Pakistan to act against the terror haven on its soil, recently even cutting financial aid it provided to Pakistan over its perceived inaction. In a fresh attempt to act against the terror havens in Pakistan, the US is now reportedly seeking out other regional players, including China, to convince Islamabad.

A White House official confirmed that Washington is seeking to work with China and other regional players to convince Pakistan on the need to crackdown on terror safe havens, which is key to bringing stability in Afghanistan and in the region. The official added that Washington is hopeful that China will help in convincing Pakistan that it is in its own national interest to crack down on the safe havens for terrorists on its soil.

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"China shares some of the concerns of the US about the terrorism problem. The US is seeking to work with other regional players and China would be one of the main ones to deal with this issue. It won't serve China's interests to have terrorist sanctuaries in Pakistan," a senior administration official said anonymously.

Since Pakistan has deep historical ties as well as close military ties with China, which will be further boosted by China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) US is hopeful of Pakistan heeding counsel from China.

"That relationship is already very very strong. But what we have seen is an interest by Pakistan in having a strong relationship with both the US and China. So that's one issue. And the second issue is that China is also concerned about terrorism and extremism in South Asia," the official said.

"Ultimately, China is also working toward a stable Afghanistan. That's going to take them back to the same issue which are the sanctuaries in Pakistan," the official said.