Watch: Even Mark Zuckerberg Can't Come Between PM Modi And The Camera

| September 29 , 2015 , 09:11 IST
Mark Zuckerberg, PM Modi, Camera, Viral Post Prime Minister Narendra Modi's love for camera has been well documented and talked about by the social media. However, there was another chapter added to this love story. The moment happened during PM Modi's visit to the Facebook HQ. A video titled "No one should come in between Modi and camera, not even Mark Zuckerberg," has now gone viral on Facebook that reportedly took place before the start of the Townhall event in Silicon Valley. The video shows Zuckerberg trying to get a better view of what Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and Modi were discussing and then accidentally blocking cameras from taking the perfect picture of the three. (Now, Mark Zuckerberg- you may have invented world's biggest social network, become a billionaire at a very young age and even addressed United Nations. But, there are somethings you just can't do. Like coming between PM Modi and a camera.) So, before you know it our camera savvy PM grabbed Zuckerberg, and pulled him towards the right while gesturing to the waiting shutterbugs. [fb_pe url="" bottom="30"]

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