Donald Trump: The Man Who Made It Big Amid Controversies

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| November 9 , 2016 , 15:26 IST
[caption id="attachment_234851" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Donald Trump: The Man Who Made It Big Amid Controversies Donald Trump: The Man Who Made It Big Amid Controversies[/caption] Donald Trump is widely known for his bold statements which have often courted controversies, but how much do we really know about the new American President? The 70-year-old presidential elect, Donald Trump is the oldest US President in history and also the only on without any public service record or military experience. Taking a big risk, which has now paid off, the real estate mogul from New York ran an unconventional presidential campaign, often without consideration for political correctness often going against established norms of the 162-year old Republican Party. ALSO READ: Trump Triumphs: Donald Trump is The 45th President of US Trump focused his presidential campaign on the premise 'Make America Great Again' striking a chord with masses of working class Americans as he campaigned to keep out illegal immigrants, build a wall between US and Mexico (funded by Mexico), keep track on and 'ban' Muslims, stop jobs from going outside the country, reduce taxes, become less involved in foreign affairs and improve the American economy. Statements regarding immigration and Muslims and a leaked video showing Trump boasting of sexually assaulting women created problems in his image during the campaign. ALSO READ: We’ve A Great Plan, Says Trump After Winning 45th US Presidential Election Trump made his fortune from taking over his dad's real estate business in New York taking it to new heights, before expanding into entertainment field, owning shares of beauty pageants and launching tv reality show 'The Apprentice'. However, due to his risky decisions, Trump has even faced bankrupts, but managed to bounce back. Initially, Trump though of running for presidency since 1987, but finalised his intentions in 2011 before launching his presidential campaign as a Republican Party candidate. It did take time for the public (and the Republican party) to take his presidential campaign ambitions seriously, but following his dream, Donald Trump is now the US Presidential Elect 2016.

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