Clashes Erupt In US's Chicago After Police Kill Black Man 'Suspected' Of Carrying Concealed Gun

| July 15 , 2018 , 17:48 IST

Police forces in US's Chicago faced clashes with protesters after an officer fatally shot a black man on Saturday who was suspected of carrying a gun.

Nearly 150 people gathered in the protest, shouting 'murderers' and 'no justice, no peace' and throwing objects on police cars during the confrontation in the South Side area of Chicago.

Chief Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi described the protests to Associated Press.

"There were glass bottles thrown...plastic water bottles. Bottles filled with urine were thrown at officers," Guglielmi said, adding that "four officers were injured from rocks and thrown bottles. Four demonstrators were arrested."

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Several protesters jumped on top of the squad cars as well.

According to reports, the victim, whose identity has not been released but is said to be aged in his 30s, was displaying 'characteristics' of having a concealed weapon in the South Shore neighbourhood of Chicago. Police officers stopped to question him but he resisted after which a police officer opened fire, fatally shooting him.

"He looked like he may have something on him. They go to question him, and at that point a confrontation ensues and he is shot," chief Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said.

Chicago police patrol chief Fred Waller in a statement to media said that the officers thought they saw the victim with a gun but when they approached him, "started flailing and swinging away, trying to make an escape" and then "reached for the gun".

After the gunshots rang out, crowds gathered at the location and got into a confrontation with the police.

Frequent police killings of black men, some unarmed, have caused outrage across the US and led to protests across the nation. Statistics have also shown that in the US, black men are more likely to be shot by police forces as compared to Caucasian men.