Cape Town Runs Out Of Water, Residents Told To Cut Their Usage By 50%

| February 2 , 2018 , 19:34 IST

The South African capital, Cape Town is in the middle of a water crisis following years of drought depleting reservoirs. The city imposed new water usage limits on Thursday, asking each resident to use not more than 50 litres of water (a little over 13 gallons) per person each day.

Officials estimated that if water level continues to fall as expected, South Africa, the densly populated city will run out of water by April 16, which has been dubbed as "Day Zero". Experts are keeping a close eye on daily consumption by the citizens, residents are being told to limit their shower to 90 seconds and recycle the shower water to flush toilets.

Warnings are being made by the government on a daily basis stating that anyone who is tempted to ignore measures will face fines and the installation of water-management meters if they do not comply. Cape Town is yet to witness any drop in the water usage and with the aim of tackling this situation, a statement was released from Cape Town Mayor’s office reading, “we can no longer ask people to stop wasting water. We must force them.”

The rapidly changing climate and the city’s four million and growing population has led to the water crisis. Many Cape Town residents line up to fill containers from the city water supplies. In East London, residents have started collecting water to send to Cape Town.