Bangladesh Abolishes Reservation In Govt Jobs After Thousands Of Students Protest

| April 13 , 2018 , 10:34 IST

Faced with massive protests by thousands of students, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced that she has decided to scrap the quota system for government jobs in the nation.

Prime Minister Hasina in a statement to Parliament quoted on Thursday said, "The quota system will be abolished as the students do not want it. They have demonstrated enough protests, now let them return home".

While PM Hasina agreed to scrap the quota system, she specified that the government could make special arrangements for jobs for the people with disabilities and the backward ethnic minority ones.

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Students began their protests on Sunday against the discriminatory reservation for certain groups in government jobs, with more than 5,000 protesters rallying at the Dhaka University campus itself and students from other private universities joining in as well.

Mobs of students blockaded major roads in Dhaka, bringing traffic to a standstill, and police was deployed to the Dhaka University where they were forced to use tear gas and rubber bullets, injuring more than 100 students.

Classes and examinations were suspended in all universities as the protests intensified against the government, calling for the abolishment of the system that reserved seats in government jobs for ethnic minority groups, women and decedents of freedom fighters.

During the protests, several government websites, including those of the Bangabhaban presidential palace and the premier's office were temporarily hacked and had on display a message related to the quota reform and a picture of the ongoing protest.

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