Bangkok Blasts: Three Women Detained In Connection To Hindu Shrine Bombing

| September 14 , 2015 , 11:13 IST
The team led by bomb disposal police and forensic officers raided a dormitory and detained three women in connections with the Bangkok Blasts.bangkokimage525The team led by Metropolitan Police Bureau chief Sriwara Rangsipramanakul said tenants at the Din Daeng dormitory, raided on Sunday, has links to Erawan shrine blast and the Sathon pier explosion, Bangkok Post reported. Officers seized travel bags and computers for DNA examination and traces of fingerprints to see whether they matched DNA samples of those involved in the bomb attacks. A source said two students rented the room. Two months ago, mother of one of the two students had brought a middle-aged woman to stay in the room claiming that she was her friend. Three men had brought something to keep in the room and they were believed to have fled the country, said the source. Authorities are hunting the men suspected of involvement in the two bomb blasts. Police Lt Gen Sriwara said suspects connected to the bombing did not stay in the room, but they came to the room and asked the tenants to hold on to their personal belongings. Sriwara said the three women were taken for interrogation and they would be asked to help officers make sketches of the persons who brought their belongings to the room. A source said the mother of one of the students had links to a man wearing a blue T-shirt who carried out the bomb attack at Sathon pier.

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