Banella Scandal: French President Emmanuel Macron Survives No Confidence Motion

| August 1 , 2018 , 17:26 IST

French President Emmanuel Macron survived two no-confidence motions put forward by lawmakers from the opposition party over the Alexandre Banella scandal.

Macron’s bodyguard Banella sparked nationwide criticism and outrage after he was filmed assaulting and detaining protestors at the May day protests in Paris. Banella is known to be extremely close to the French President and is always seen accompanying him.

Banella even wore Police riot gear and was filmed hitting a protestor and dragging another. Banella was fired and an investigation was initiated but Macron was accused by his opponents of going lenient and acting slow on the investigations.

This led to two no-confidence motions being tabled by opposition lawmakers, from the communist party and the Republican Party respectively.

These no-confidence motions, however, were symbolic as Macron’s party En Marche has a comfortable majority in the National Assembly.

While the first no-confidence motion brought by the Republicans gained the support of 143 lawmakers, the second motion brought by the communist lawmaker got just 74 votes. 289 votes were needed to bring down Macron’s government.

Banella admitted his guilt in an interview to a national news portal and called his actions a big mistake that Macron’s opponents were using to criticize the President.

Macron is being criticized for not taking action against Banella despite being in the know of his acts. The fact that Macron fired Banella only after the media aired the videos is being used to criticize him for ‘hollow claims of governance’.