Evidence Shows Ceasefire Violations Emanating From Pak: Former Envoy Husain Haqqani

| September 22 , 2015 , 09:16 IST
Former Pakistan Ambassador to US, Husain Haqqani, has waded into the recent NSA-level talks failure and future of Indo-Pak relation. This comes just hours after US Vice-President said he hoped United States becomes India's best friend, which is a strong hint on the fractured relation between US and Pakistan and a shift in US policy in the subcontinent.Husain haqqani The former Pak envoy questioned the current relationship between his country and India and wondered if any solution can ever be found. He said, "I think most of India-Pak’s problems are psychological and not logical". Haqqani took a swipe at his country's policy and said that Pakistan should provide a dossier to the world and questioned the truth that is made against India. He said, "So far, while Pak's alleged involvement with Kashmiri Jehadi groups is very well documented & accepted by the United Nations, no such action has been taken against groups which Pakistan says that India supports, because no evidence has been presented". Husain Haqqani also said that Kashmir issue should be resolved on a bilateral basis. "Shimla agreement clearly says that Kashmir issue must be solved on a bilateral basis between India and Pakistan", he said. In a major shift, the former envoy also said that Pakistan's attempt to internationalise the Kashmir issue has not served them well. "Attempting to make Kashmir into an international issue is an integral policy of Pakistan since 1950s, and I think that has not served well for us", said former envoy Haqqani. Furthermore, with the increasing spate in ceasefire violations and the Brigade-commander flag meet conducted recently, Mr. Haqqani said, "Pakistan side claims that the India is violating ceasefire line, but so far the evidence is that all attempts to penetrate or go across the Line of Control have almost always emanated from the Pakistani side." The former envoy also urged Pakistan to focus on improving internal security and developing its economy to counter India's growing influence in the region and the world.

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