Anti-Virus Guru John Mcafee Announces Bid To Run For US President

| September 9 , 2015 , 11:40 IST
If his tweet is to be believed, John Mcafee will contest the upcoming US Presidential election under his newly created 'Cyber Party.' [caption id="attachment_123056" align="aligncenter" width="700"]John Mcafee The famous anti-virus software creator, John Mcafee, has put in his bid to run for the upcoming 2016 US Presidential campaign under his 'Cyber Party'. (Photo: AP)[/caption] He has also been retweeting various support and encouragements. The "eccentric millionaire" (check out his handle) is known for his run-in with authorities and recently had been let off for drunk driving and gun possession. His presidential campaign site, which is now live, doesn’t seem to offer any details on his stances on the issues, but it does have a donate button. McAfee, who founded the antivirus software company (now owned by Intel) that bears his name in 1987, has had a fairly bizarre past couple years involving murder, bribery and government corruption. If not Donald Trump was not enough garnish for the upcoming Presidential elections, this surely might! More the merrier as they say.