Osama's Pak Hideout Documents Call 26/11 Attacks 'Heroic', Pune Bakery Blast 'Beautiful'

| May 21 , 2015 , 07:13 IST
An al-Qaeda document recovered by US Navy SEALs from the Abbottabad hideout of Osama bin Laden describes the 2008 Mumbai terror attack by Pakistan-based LeT terrorists as a "heroic Fidai" operation and the one at German Bakery in Pune as a "beautiful huge" bombing. [caption id="attachment_39148" align="aligncenter" width="700"]mumbai 1 Smoke emerges from Mumbai's hotel Taj after terrorists strike it on 26/11 (File Photo)[/caption] On May 20, 2015, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) in United States Of America released a sizeable tranche of documents recovered during the raid on the compound used to hide Usama bin Ladin. According to the ODNI, "the release, which followed a rigorous inter-agency review, aligns with President Barack Obama’s call for increased transparency–consistent with national security prerogatives – and the 2014 Intelligence Authorization Act, which required the ODNI to conduct a review of the documents for release." The release contains two sections. The first is a list of non-classified, English-language material found in and around the compound. The second is a selection of now-declassified documents. "The Intelligence Community will be reviewing hundreds more documents in the near future for possible declassification and release. An inter-agency task-force under the auspices of the White House and with the agreement of the DNI is reviewing all documents which supported disseminated intelligence cables, as well as other relevant material found around the compound. All documents whose publication will not hurt ongoing operations against al-Qa‘ida or their affiliates will be released," the press release said. bin-ladin_bookshelf_5 The 15-page document "Terror Franchise: THE UNSTOPPABLE ASSASSIN: TECHS Vital role for its success", originally in English, lists the Mumbai terror attack as one of the "blessed" operations. The document directs al-Qaeda and its affiliates to kill and target Americans and its allies, including those in Britain, Germany and India with their terror attacks. "The mission of the Global Mujahideen is to destroy the American economy by targeting American economic targets globally," it said. "Following the London bombing and before it, there were several blessed operation against American and European targets in Indonesia, Pakistan, Egypt, India and elsewhere, such as the brave bombing of a bus carrying French nationals, the Marriott hotel massive bombing, the bombing of the Denmark embassy in Islamabad, the massive Bali bombings, and lately the heroic Fidai (martyrdom) operations in Bombay - India's economical capital - in which several western targets were struck in which many Americans and other westerners were killed," the document reads. "Following that, was the beautiful huge bombing - also in India - of the western German bakery mainly visited by Jews and western nationals in general," it said about the 2010 blast that was carried out two years after the Mumbai attack. This is among the large tranche of documents recovered by the US from the compound of the house where Laden was hiding when the US secret forces killed the al-Qaeda leader. You Read Can Read All The Documents Here US intelligence officials have described these documents as a treasure trove of information. A portion of these documents many of which are in Arabic Arabic, were declassified and translated into English by Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI). "The release, which followed a rigorous inter-agency review, aligns with the President's (Barack Obama) call for increased transparency," an official statement said. Full Document: Terror Franchise: THE UNSTOPPABLE ASSASSIN: TECHS Vital role for its success [gallery td_select_gallery_slide="slide" ids="39388,39389,39390,39391,39393,39394,39395,39396,39397,39398,39399,39400,39401,39402,39403"]        

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