8 Injured In Twin Bomb Blasts In Chaman Area Of Balochistan

| January 1 , 2018 , 14:14 IST

At least 8 people, including 3 security officials, were injured in two separate bomb blasts in the Chaman area of Balochistan in Pakistan on Monday.

The first attack took place near an under-construction building on Chaman's Mall Road, injuring 2 people. Police sources say that a time-bound IED (improvised explosion device) hidden inside construction material had been planted near the building by unknown persons.

As the security forces reached the location of the first blast, the second explosion was heard which took place near a police check post in Chaman. A total of 6 people, including 3 security officials were injured in the second blast.

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The blasts also damaged a police vehicle, motorcycle, and a rickshaw.

The injured were rushed to a hospital nearby and are said to be out of danger. Meanwhile, the police forces reached the site of the blasts, closing down the road for traffic.  

During 2017, Pakistan witnessed an increase in terror attacks targeting security forces and government officials, with majority of such attacks taking place in Balochistan province.

Pakistan has been facing pressure at an international level to take action against safe havens for terrorists on its soil. The US has expressly stated that Pakistan's actions against terrorism will have a major influence on their bilateral relations, going so far as to say that if Pakistan does not take action against terrorism in their nation, the US will.